Dutch rock outfit Note to Amy inked a deal with Graviton Music Services (LastDayHere, Dweal, Bellevue Suite). The European label will release the band’s first full-length album Midnight Arsons/Morning Ghosts in March of 2011. Distribution in the Benelux will be taken care of by Rough Trade.
Note to Amy’s comment on the recent signing: ‘We’re super stoked we finally found a suitable partner to release our album. Joining the Graviton family is an honour and it’s great to have so many awesome label mates. It sure feels good to work with people that understand what Note to Amy is about.’
Midnight Arsons/Morning Ghosts was produced, mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs and Bouke Visser at Split Second Sound in Amsterdam. The studio is know for its work with acts like Textures, Autumn, Intwine and Severe Torture. The record will contain 13 tracks, combines a wide range of heavy musical styles and features guest appearances by singers from Antillectual, New Pokerface, Midnight Menace and Screw Houston, Start Screaming!
Stay tuned for more news on Note to Amy and Midnight Arsons/Morning Ghosts soon!