You might have seen it in the Up Magazine newsletter; recently there was a contest going where you could win a Note to Amy package, containing our new single and some goodies.
Five winners have received there packages by now – congratulations! – and should be hopping around singing along to Deflower.
We also have some more winners from a contest we ran on Dutchscene, those winners can expect there package in a few days too.

The winners to the Note to Amy night out will be announced here shortly.
Thanks to everyone who participated, the number of responses we received was completely unexpected!!

In the meantime, feel free to buy our single in our store, or at one of the upcoming shows!!


Just noticed that our first single is now also available at Napster and Amazon.
You can find the direct links below!

If you buy our single now you can enter our crazy contest and win a night out with us!
Read more about it here!

Amazon International
Amazon UK
Amazon France
Amazon Germany

Yes! We did it! We released our first single from our upcoming album “Midnight Arsons/Morning Ghosts” !

As you can read on our website you can win a night out with Note to Amy if you purchase a copy now! The CD (only in our webstore, and with the exclusive b-side “Oak”), and the digital version have hit some stores today.
We are shaking with excitement like we do everytime a new Bad Religion album comes out.

Wanna get your hands on a copy? (You should. It sounds awesome and you’ll be the coolest kid on the block, plus there’s hot girls on the cover) – then check out the links below.
More stores and links will follow soon!

CD version available here:
Oficial Note to Amy Store

Digital version available here:
CD Baby

On June 21st we’ll release our first single, “Deflower”, taken from the full length “Midnight Arsons/Morning Ghosts”. The album will be out later this year.

On the b-side of the single you’ll find our brand new song “Oak”. A great start of the summer, right? Especially with an awesome competition coming up, in which you’ll be able to win something extremely cool. More info on that will be announced shortly, together with locations where our single will be available.

A preview of the single can be heard here.

Enjoy and we’ll keep you posted!!!

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