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We are absolutely delighted to announce our first number 1 chart position for Deflower, taken from our album “Midnight Arsons/Morning Ghosts”.
The independent Dutch Free40 charts are comprised of alternative singles and downloads.
To celebrate this joyful event, we’re giving the track Deflower away as a free download on our Facebook page.
Head over and download it for free only this week.
Be sure to keep an eye out for some more great news!


Finally! We’re so so proud and stoked to announce that our record is officially out today!
You can grab a copy at one of our shows, from your local record store (if it’s not in stock, they can order a copy for you) or from one of the following online stores:

Cosmox, Wehkamp, ECI (NL|BE), Discorder,, Proxis

If you’re new school and prefer to buy your music digital, then check out one of these stores (more to follow soon!):

Napster, Amazon (US|UK|DE|FR|JP), Rhapsody, iTunes

Our album “Midnight Arsons/Morning Ghosts” will be out on June 17th.
To celebrate this happy occasion we uploaded a brand new song of that album.
Have a listen and tell us what you think of it!

Out of almost 600 bands Note to Amy was selected as one of the 36 acts to join the Macbeth voting competition. We’re aiming for a chance to rock the Macbeth stage at Groezrock Festival 2011 on the 22nd & 23rd of April in Meerhout, Belgium. In order to become one of the 10 bands that will actually play the festival, we need your help. From March 18th until March 31st you can vote for Note to Amy once a day. Please take a moment to do so! We’ll be forever grateful. And besides that you can also win some very nice prizes!

Vote for us here!

A few weeks back we got a really nice review in the magazine Rocktribune.
We’d thought it might be nice to share with you all.

Note To Amy
‘Deflower’ van het Nederlandse Note To Amy is een voorproefje voor het volledige album dat de band later dit jaar zelf uit zal gaan brengen en telt twee heerlijke uptempo rocktracks. De vergelijking die in de begeleidende biografie wordt getrokken met ondermeer Volbeat, is te begrijpen, al ligt het er tegelijkertijd ook weer niet te dik bovenop dat deze band als inspiratiebron gediend heeft. Wat mij betreft kunnen op basis van de twee tracks op dit schijfje – naast ‘Deflower’, bevat het een track getiteld ‘Oak’, met een zo mogelijk nog sterker gezongen refrein dan dat van de titeltrack – zo met elkaar op tour. Benieuwd hoe die volledige plaat gaat klinken!
Bart Nijssen

Dutch rock outfit Note to Amy inked a deal with Graviton Music Services (LastDayHere, Dweal, Bellevue Suite). The European label will release the band’s first full-length album Midnight Arsons/Morning Ghosts in March of 2011. Distribution in the Benelux will be taken care of by Rough Trade.
Note to Amy’s comment on the recent signing: ‘We’re super stoked we finally found a suitable partner to release our album. Joining the Graviton family is an honour and it’s great to have so many awesome label mates. It sure feels good to work with people that understand what Note to Amy is about.’
Midnight Arsons/Morning Ghosts was produced, mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs and Bouke Visser at Split Second Sound in Amsterdam. The studio is know for its work with acts like Textures, Autumn, Intwine and Severe Torture. The record will contain 13 tracks, combines a wide range of heavy musical styles and features guest appearances by singers from Antillectual, New Pokerface, Midnight Menace and Screw Houston, Start Screaming!
Stay tuned for more news on Note to Amy and Midnight Arsons/Morning Ghosts soon!

Last week we received a great batch of amazing guitar picks from
This means next time you’ll see us shredding like crazy, it’s not just the talent. It’s also the picks.

Be sure to check out their webstore and order some picks there, great picks for great prices.

So now Note to Amy is endorsed by, Amedia, Balbex & Pat Sticks.
Be sure to support these companies too, we love ‘m.

You might have seen it in the Up Magazine newsletter; recently there was a contest going where you could win a Note to Amy package, containing our new single and some goodies.
Five winners have received there packages by now – congratulations! – and should be hopping around singing along to Deflower.
We also have some more winners from a contest we ran on Dutchscene, those winners can expect there package in a few days too.

The winners to the Note to Amy night out will be announced here shortly.
Thanks to everyone who participated, the number of responses we received was completely unexpected!!

In the meantime, feel free to buy our single in our store, or at one of the upcoming shows!!

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